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A conversation I overheard the other day


Professor: Do you work?
Student: Yes, I’m a student worker.
Professor: Do you ever skip work?
Student: Umm…if there’s an emergency but usually no?
Professor: Then why do you skip my class?
Professor: -Lectures about the importance of attendance-
Student: Can I interrupt, ma’am? I have turned…

Students pay the professors salaries so really they work for us.

My university makes about 180 million dollars a year on tuition alone. I’m lucky if I make $9,000 at my part-time job… Which is actually about how much in-state tuition costs at my school. That’s just wrong.


Hockey player makes kid’s day. [video]


It’s sad to know that people have forgotten we share the Earth with animals. They’re Earthlings, just as we are. Their lives have value. Just because we don’t understand them in the sense that our communication is limited, doesn’t mean they’re unintelligent or should be exploited for our greed. 

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